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The rolled metal products calculator, which you can use on our website, allows you to provide the most accurate data on weight of products from all types of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys used in the industry. Calculations are made based on the accuracy of the data provided (filled in) in the online form: at a minimum, you will need to know the product form and used metal

The need for an accurate calculation of the weight of rolled metal products arises from specialists in various areas of industrial activity. For technologists, this is needed to calculate the weight of the future product, for economists and accountants — the calculation of the cost of production and the cost of the batch, for transport workers — to find out the carrying capacity and the type of transport required for delivery. In all cases, determining the correct weight and the required volume of rolled products is an important parameter for further activities.

The rolled metal products calculator on our website makes it possible to work with metals such as:

  • all types of carbon steel;
  • cast iron;
  • aluminum and its alloys;
  • copper and copper-based alloys;
  • heat-resistant, refractory, precision metals and alloys;

High accuracy of rolled metal products calculations

Even with a minimal amount of initial data, the rolled metal products calculator allows you to accurately determine the weight of rolled products — for example, without specifying the steel grade, the specific weight is taken based on 7850 kg / m3. The highest calculation accuracy is achieved when filling in the maximum number of possible fields:

  • type of product;
  • alloy grade;
  • length, width, thickness of products;
  • additional indicators (for example, wall thickness for tubes, flange width for angle bars, channel bars, I-beams).

The data is calculated in the opposite direction — for example, knowing the maximum carrying capacity of a car, it is possible to calculate how much and what kind of products it is possible to deliver to them.

The rolled metal calculator on our website is the best online resource for everyone who, in their work, has to deal with rolled metal made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The received data can be saved and even sent to your own mail for the convenience of further calculations.