Unequal steel channel weight calculator

Calculation of the weight of a running meter of unequal channel bar made of steel of various grades according to technical standards
Metal curved profile resembling the letter "U" in section with unequal flanges on the sides
The guide does not yet contain information on this type of rolled metal product., please use the calculation by dimenisions, or report the name of the standard, and we will definitely add it
Unequal channel dimensions
Cost of a ton at a price of      per meter, ₹:n/a
Price per meter of channel at the cost of a ton     , ₹:n/a
Total weight of 6 meters of channel, kg.:n/a
Total length of 1000 kilograms of channel, m.:n/a
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NameChannel weight (Unequal)
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Weight and dimensions tables of unequal steel channel according to various standards of different steel grades

Name and dimensions of the channelHeight hFlange width bFlange width aRadius RThickness SThickness t (if not equal to S)Weight of 1 meter of channelMeters of 1 tonDensity, kg / m³
Channel 32x22×12×3×53222125331.2800 kg.781.3 m.7850
Channel 32x40×15×3×53240155331.7800 kg.561.8 m.7850
Channel 32x32×20×2×33232203221.2000 kg.833.3 m.7850
Channel 32x50×20×4×63250206442.7400 kg.365 m.7850
Channel 35x35×26×2.5×435352642.52.51.7000 kg.588.2 m.7850
Channel 37x60×32×3×53760325332.7700 kg.361 m.7850
Channel 40x32×20×2×34032203221.3300 kg.751.9 m.7850
Channel 40x40×20×2×34040203221.4500 kg.689.7 m.7850
Channel 40x50×32×3×54050325332.6000 kg.384.6 m.7850
Channel 43x106×32×3×543106325333.9900 kg.250.6 m.7850
Channel 45x25×15×3×54525155331.7300 kg.578 m.7850
Channel 50x40×12×2.5×450401242.52.51.8200 kg.549.5 m.7850
Channel 50x48×15×3×55048155332.3900 kg.418.4 m.7850
Channel 50x50×15×3×55050155332.4400 kg.409.8 m.7850
Channel 50x40×20×2×35040203221.6100 kg.621.1 m.7850
Channel 50x50×25×2×35050253221.8500 kg.540.5 m.7850
Channel 50x50×25×3×55050255332.6700 kg.374.5 m.7850
Channel 50x50×25×4×65050256443.4600 kg.289 m.7850
Channel 50x55×30×2×35055303222.0000 kg.500 m.7850
Channel 50x60×32×3×55060325333.0700 kg.325.7 m.7850
Channel 50x60×32×4×65060326443.9900 kg.250.6 m.7850
Channel 50x92×60×3×55092605334.4800 kg.223.2 m.7850
Channel 60x40×20×2×36040203221.7700 kg.565 m.7850
Channel 60x50×25×3×56050255332.9100 kg.343.6 m.7850
Channel 60x60×32×3×56060325333.3100 kg.302.1 m.7850
Channel 65x55×20×2.5×465552042.52.52.5600 kg.390.6 m.7850
Channel 65x65×40×4×66565406444.8700 kg.205.3 m.7850
Channel 67x65×35×3×56765355333.6600 kg.273.2 m.7850
Channel 70x80×50×4×67080506445.8100 kg.172.1 m.7850
Channel 80x50×25×3×58050255333.3800 kg.295.9 m.7850
Channel 80x60×32×3×58060325333.7800 kg.264.6 m.7850
Channel 80x60×40×3×58060405333.9700 kg.251.9 m.7850
Channel 80x80×40×3×58080405334.4400 kg.225.2 m.7850
Channel 80x80×40×5×78080407557.1400 kg.140.1 m.7850
Channel 80x80×50×4×68080506446.1300 kg.163.1 m.7850
Channel 90x80×50×4×69080506446.4400 kg.155.3 m.7850
Channel 100x50×25×3×510050255333.8500 kg.259.7 m.7850
Channel 100x60×32×3×510060325334.2500 kg.235.3 m.7850
Channel 100x180×35×8×1210018035128817.9100 kg.55.8 m.7850
Channel 100x80×40×3×510080405334.9100 kg.203.7 m.7850
Channel 100x80×50×4×610080506446.7600 kg.147.9 m.7850
Channel 100x80×50×5×710080507558.3100 kg.120.3 m.7850
Channel 100x100×60×4×6100100606447.7000 kg.129.9 m.7850
Channel 100x100×60×6×91001006096611.2000 kg.89.3 m.7850
Channel 120x45×35×5×712045357557.1400 kg.140.1 m.7850
Channel 120x60×50×5×712060507558.3100 kg.120.3 m.7850
Channel 130x108×50×4×6130108506448.5800 kg.116.6 m.7850
Channel 135x50×36×4×613550366446.4700 kg.154.6 m.7850
Channel 140x70×30×4×614070306447.0700 kg.141.4 m.7850
Channel 144x160×90×6×91441609096617.5100 kg.57.1 m.7850
Channel 160x50×30×3×516050305335.3800 kg.185.9 m.7850
Channel 160x50×30×4×616050306447.0700 kg.141.4 m.7850
Channel 160x80×50×5×7160805075510.6700 kg.93.7 m.7850
Channel 200x50×30×4×620050306448.3300 kg.120 m.7850
Channel 270x90×72×8×122709072128825.2600 kg.39.6 m.7850
Channel 270x90×80×6×9270908096619.6700 kg.50.8 m.7850
Channel 300x80×40×4×6300804064412.7200 kg.78.6 m.7850
Channel 300x80×40×5×7300804075515.7700 kg.63.4 m.7850