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Calculation of the weight of a meter of a round hollow sections made of various metals, weight tables and additional cost calculations by weight, length and other parameters
Product based on a closed hollow profile of constant circular cross-section.
Round pipe dimensions
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Popular pipe diameters in India

  • 21.3x2
  • 152.4x4.5
  • 114.3x4.5
  • 48.5x4
  • 88.9x3.2

Tables of weight per meter of round pipes of various metals (steel, aluminium etc.) and alloys for available ISO, DIN and other standards

Pipe name and dimensionsOutside diameter, mmWall thickness s, mmWeight per meter of pipeMeters of 1 tonDensity, kg / m³Standard
Pipe 21.3x221.320.9470 kg.1056 m.7850IS 1161:1998
Pipe 21.3x2.621.32.61.2100 kg.826.4 m.7850IS 1161:1998
Pipe 21.3x3. kg.900.9 m.7850IS 1161:1998
Pipe 26.9x2.326.92.31.3800 kg.724.6 m.7850IS 1161:1998
Pipe 33.7x2.633.72.61.9800 kg.505.1 m.7850IS 1161:1998
Pipe 33.9x433.942.9300 kg.341.3 m.7850IS 1161:1998
Pipe 42.4x2.642.42.62.5100 kg.398.4 m.7850IS 1161:1998
Pipe 42.4x442.443.7900 kg.263.9 m.7850IS 1161:1998
Pipe 48.3x2.948.32.93.2300 kg.309.6 m.7850IS 1161:1998
Pipe 48.5x448.544.3700 kg.228.8 m.7850IS 1161:1998
Pipe 60.3x2.960.32.94.0800 kg.245.1 m.7850IS 1161:1998
Pipe 76.1x3. kg.175.1 m.7850IS 1161:1998
Pipe 88.9x3. kg.148.8 m.7850IS 1161:1998
Pipe 114.3x4.5114.34.512.2000 kg.82 m.7850IS 1161:1998
Pipe 152.4x4.5152.44.516.4000 kg.61 m.7850IS 1161:1998
Pipe 168.3x4.8168.34.819.4000 kg.51.5 m.7850IS 1161:1998
Pipe 219.1x4.5219.14.523.8000 kg.42 m.7850IS 3589:2001
Pipe 219.1x6.3219.16.333.1000 kg.30.2 m.7850IS 3589:2001
Pipe 273x5273533.0000 kg.30.3 m.7850IS 3589:2001
Pipe 273x6.32736.341.1000 kg.24.3 m.7850IS 3589:2001
Pipe 273x8273852.3000 kg.19.1 m.7850IS 1161:1998
Pipe 914x89148179.0000 kg.5.6 m.7850IS 3589:2001
Pipe 1016x8.810168.8219.0000 kg.4.6 m.7850IS 3589:2001
Pipe 1626x14.2162614.2564.0000 kg.1.8 m.7850IS 3589:2001
Pipe 1829x16182916715.0000 kg.1.4 m.7850IS 3589:2001
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List of standards available in calculator and weight tables

  1. IS 3589:2001 — Steel Pipes for Water and Sewage
  2. IS 1161:1998 — Steel Tubes for structural purposes