Table of steel round pipe with diameter, d 273mm

Table of steel round pipe d=273mm (diamter)
Steel round pipes
Pipe name and dimensionsOutside diameter, mmWall thickness s, mmWeight per meter of pipeMeters of 1 tonStandard
273x3.62733.623.9000 kg.41.8 m.IS 3589:2001
273x4273426.5000 kg.37.7 m.IS 3589:2001
273x5273533.0000 kg.30.3 m.IS 3589:2001
273x5.92735.938.9000 kg.25.7 m.IS 1161:1998
273x6.32736.341.1000 kg.24.3 m.IS 3589:2001
273x8273852.3000 kg.19.1 m.IS 1161:1998