Steel T-beam weight calculator

Online calculation of the weight of one meter of a t-bar, its cost and dimensions according to various standards
Profile of structural elements with a cross-section close in shape to the letter "T"
The guide does not yet contain information on this type of rolled metal product., please use the calculation by dimenisions, or report the name of the standard, and we will definitely add it
T-beam dimensions
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NameBeam weight calculator (T-beam)
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Weight and dimensions tables of steel t-beams according to available technical standards of various steel grades

Name (number) of beamBeam height hFlange width bFlange thickness sFlange thickness tWeight of 1 meter of beamMeters of 1 tonDensity, kg / m³
Beam 10KT1942006.51020.6000 kg.48.5 m.7850
Beam 10KT295.5200711.523.2000 kg.43.1 m.7850
Beam 11.5KT1110240710.525.9000 kg.38.6 m.7850
Beam 11.5KT2111.524081229.5000 kg.33.9 m.7850
Beam 13ШТ112218071021.1000 kg.47.4 m.7850
Beam 13ШТ21241807.51224.4000 kg.41 m.7850
Beam 13KT112426081232.4000 kg.30.9 m.7850
Beam 13KT2125.5260913.536.3000 kg.27.5 m.7850
Beam 13KT3127.52601015.541.3000 kg.24.2 m.7850
Beam 15ШТ114220081126.6000 kg.37.6 m.7850
Beam 15ШТ21442008.51330.2000 kg.33.1 m.7850
Beam 15KT1144.5300913.542.1000 kg.23.8 m.7850
Beam 15ШТ314620091533.9000 kg.29.5 m.7850
Beam 15KT2146.53001015.547.9000 kg.20.9 m.7850
Beam 15KT3148.530011.517.554.1000 kg.18.5 m.7850
Beam 17.5ШТ1165.52509.512.537.3000 kg.26.8 m.7850
Beam 17.5ШТ2167250101440.8000 kg.24.5 m.7850
Beam 17.5KT1168350101554.6000 kg.18.3 m.7850
Beam 17.5ШТ316925010.51645.4000 kg.22 m.7850
Beam 17.5KT2170.53501117.562.6000 kg.16 m.7850
Beam 20ШТ1190.53009.51447.8000 kg.20.9 m.7850
Beam 20ШТ2192.530011.51655.2000 kg.18.1 m.7850
Beam 20KT11934001116.568.7000 kg.14.6 m.7850
Beam 20ШТ3194.530012.51861.3000 kg.16.3 m.7850
Beam 20KT2196.5400132082.4000 kg.12.1 m.7850
Beam 25ШТ1238.5300111556.9000 kg.17.6 m.7850
Beam 25ШТ224130014.517.568.9000 kg.14.5 m.7850
Beam 25ШТ324430015.520.577.7000 kg.12.9 m.7850
Beam 25ШТ424730016.523.586.6000 kg.11.5 m.7850
Beam 30ШТ1286.5320121770.7000 kg.14.1 m.7850
Beam 30ШТ22903201620.580.0000 kg.12.5 m.7850
Beam 30ШТ32943201824.5102.3000 kg.9.8 m.7850
Beam 30ШТ42983202028.5116.5000 kg.8.6 m.7850